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Is This How Superstars Feel?! (Grateful...)

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Minneapolis to be a guest on The Jason Show, a daily entertainment show on FOX hosted by Twin Cities radio and television personality, and my friend, Jason Matheson.

I met Jason a couple of years ago, as one of his best friends, Lisa, became a friend of mine after we randomly sat at the same table at a wine event many years prior. She brought Jason and some other pals to NYC for a visit, and we had a grand old time sipping cocktails at Raines Law Room and trading side-splitting stories late into the night.

Well, Jason thought that my Anthem Quest was fascinating, and decided he wanted to have me on his show to talk about it! Since I have only two teams left, and the Angels and Yankees have proved frustratingly elusive, he wanted to help get the word out to try and complete the quest.

As we started hammering out the details for my guest appearance, the original idea was to zoom, which made sense as he's in Minneapolis and I'm in New York. He texted, "...unless you're planning a visit in the near future haha." Reader, I had an immediate gut feeling I should up and go go. Five minutes at home costing me nothing, versus three days away for lots of dough (air, hotel, car, meals etc.) Seems crazy, right? But I somehow knew that to play in the arena I needed--and wanted--to play in, I had to take big actions. So I booked my flight and packed in haste. Jason and Lisa were thrilled!

The night before the live show, Jason said he was going to do two segments instead of one, because maybe we'd talk wine too? And then the morning of, he decided to put me on for THREE segments because there were so many questions he wanted to ask. So exciting... and I knew that this wouldn't have happened over zoom. And to sit there with my supportive friend and talk about all of these things I've been pursuing for so many years made me almost burst with gratitude.

Later I found out that he was planning to send the interview to other FOX affiliates, perhaps in LA and NY as well - the two markets I need! AND the show with my appearance became number one in their time slot that day (even beating The Price is Right, wow,) and my segment already has 3400+ views on fb. Unbelievable.

Who's to say if this will help me secure bookings with the last two teams; I have been trying for years, so many friends have tried to put me in contact with them, and it hasn't worked out yet. But I know in my bones that this journey MUST be complete. Not for fortune and glory -- far from it! Neither will come when the quest is finished. But because this pursuit seems to have inspired people in a really unique way. I still can't put my finger on WHY! But at so many steps along the way, the selfless support and help and cheerleading from so many of you have helped me get THIS far, and I am incredibly humbled and grateful.

A million thank-yous to Lisa and Jason, I can never repay your kindness and generosity. But I already look forward to the next evening of good food, good drinks, and side-splitting stories.

For more information on the Quest, and to watch the interview, visit

And BTW, Hitting the Spots highly recommends Young Joni and The Butcher's Tale in Minneapolis.

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